How Satellite Internet Works

The internet has become such an important part of everyone’s day to day life. It wasn’t like this twenty years ago. The internet started gaining momentum in the late 90’s, and its rise in popularity hasn’t stopped since. It became an even more vital part of people’s lives when Facebook was created. The impact that social media has had on the entire world is almost too vast to measure. If you have internet on your smartphone, computers, tablets, or other devices then you know just how much you use the internet each day. So how does satellite internet work? Remember, just a few years ago everyone had to use DSL, or dial up through your landline phone system to get onto the internet. We’re lucky now that technology has improved enough that most of the time people are able to wirelessly get onto the internet. “Wi-fi” spots all around your town at your local coffee shops, bookstores, or restaurants also allow you to get on the internet practically anywhere you go. This is how the genius of How Satellite Internet Works.

Way up in the Earth’s atmosphere, there is a large satellite dish, about 22,000 miles away from the Earth’s Equator. It’s called a “geostationary” satellite, and it orbits around the planet transmitting data to a server located on Earth. That’s the most basic explanation possible, but it’s just that easy.

Then the server that receives the data, is able to wirelessly provide the internet to you anywhere you can receive the signal with various installed routers to capture the signal. So when you break it down it’s a three fold system. The satellite way above the Earth communicates with all the local satellites on the earth, that then communicate with everyone’s each individual router to bring you wireless internet.

If your smartphone has internet then you are connected to that satellite anywhere you go to get internet right on your phone. It’s really quite amazing technology, when you think of how just twenty years ago, people were just getting internet on dial up, which took forever, hardly worked, and was a long time to connect to the internet. Satellite internet is one way that technology has changed everyone’s lives hopefully for the better.


Android and iPhones have been taking the world by storm ever since their creations. One cannot walk down the street without seeing someone holding a smart phone in their hands, they have simply become part of everyday life. Sending normal text messages has become quite the thing of the past. Now, thanks to the WhatsApp app, people are able to send text messages and picture messages for free. The days of having to worry about being charged for every single text message sent, are over. WhatsApp allows for the exact same functions as a normal text message, without the normal charges.

One thing that makes WhatsApp so special is the fact that they are continuing to make improvements to the app, which will in turn create even more of a sensation. Telephone companies shutter to think that people will soon being to make free phone calls using this app, leaving the old telephone companies fairly dated. WhatsApp allows for free text, audio, and video messages due to the simple fact that it uses a WiFi connection rather than a standard data plan. In other words, because people will be sending files via their internet connection, they will not have to worry about irritating things such as rate hikes and other hidden charges.

WhatsApp has recently been making a splash in the world of smartphones thanks to the fact that they are going to be introducing a new call feature for their app. With this call feature that can be attained by going through the new update of the app, will allow for people to make clear phone calls with one another. Once again, due to the fact that a WiFi connection is used for the phone calls, people will be able to talk as long as they want with whoever they want and it will all be free. This new feature of WhatsApp will allow for people to make calls across the globe, talk for hours and not see a single dime charged to their account. It is a revolution that will take the world by storm. WhatsApp has revealed that this new call feature is steadily making its way towards becoming a phenomenon, but it is still in the growing phases, and for a very short while people should expect the normal lag and slow build up of any revolutionary feature such as the call feature being presented by WhatsApp.

How to Design a Fantastic Website Homepage

Creating an awesome a homepage is what you should always strive to achieve. Your homepage tells a lot about your website. You should think of it as your living room. The living room is the place your guests get to see. If the living room is not inviting people will not be tempted to want to check out the rest of the house for fear of what they might find there. The same is the case with your homepage. If you do not have a good design for your homepage, rest assured that people will not bother with the rest of the website regardless of how nice it might be.

The essentials of a good homepage design

As you check the 5 best website homepage design examples that are available online, you will notice several characteristics that are common to all of them. The homepage as aforementioned has its own features that are unique to it. This is why it is the homepage and not just another page. When creating your homepage here are some things that you must always ensure are present:

1. Easy navigation

The design of your homepage should be very easy to navigate. There is nothing as bad as your guests having a drama filled time trying to navigate through your website. If someone needs to find something on your website, they should not need to find a manual in order to do access it. The design should be simple. This is particularly the case if you are creating a website for a small business. The multinational corporations are able to get away with cluttered homepages because they already have a multitude of conditioned repeat users who are able to keep up with the ads and the widgets to access information that they are looking for.

2. Use a powerful headline

Anyone visiting you website should not have to guess what it is that you do and who do you it for. The headlines that you create on your homepage should detail out the services or products that you render and your target market. Who stands to benefit from what your business is offering? This should be included in your home page.

3. Display the right links

In as much as you are keeping your website simple, you should display links to relevant information. Links to the company information, contacts and various products are important. Many are the people who want to find the �About Us’ page but they cannot because there is no link on the homepage.

4. Testimonials

A homepage design that includes a small spot of testimonials is always good. The customer testimonials help to build trust in your products and service. This is why they are always good.

5. Clear Calls to Action

A Call to Action advises your visitors on what they should do. Do you want them to buy, sign up, log in or share? The Calls to Action should be clear and easy to spot. They should stand out from the rest of the content something like �Buy Now’ should be very prominent. When you check out the 5 best website homepage designs these are things you are bound to notice and many others.